The Female Robinson Crusoe and Wrangel Island Expedition Mystery

Episode 34: The Female Robinson Crusoe and Wrangel Island Expedition Mystery

Ada Blackjack’s story reflects the harrowing experiences faced by those who venture into the Arctic and the often-overlooked capabilities and contributions of indigenous peoples to Arctic expeditions. In the annals of Arctic exploration, few tales evoke the blend of mystery and tragedy quite like the Wrangel Island Expedition. The year was 1921, and under the auspices of Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, a team was assembled to claim the desolate Wrangel Island.



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Meet Evan Swensen, your host for Episode 34:

The Female Robinson Crusoe and Wrangel Island Expedition Mystery

Evan Swensen, book publisher, editor, author, and Author Masterminds charter member along with his wife, Lois, publishes books by authors worldwide. He has been the publisher and editor of Alaska Outdoors magazine and producer of Alaska Outdoors television show and outdoor videos, and host of Alaska Outdoor Radio Magazine. He has been an Alaska resident since 1957.

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