The Mystery of Time

Episode 33: The Mystery of  Time

There was a time when we thought we mastered time by clocking it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fifty years ago, I thought I had mastered time when I strapped on my first Timex windup wristwatch. If I didn’t forget to wind it up every day, I had time under control. How little I understood about time back then.



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Meet Cil Gregoire, your host for Episode 33: The Mystery of Time

Cil Gregoire is an Alaska writer who has lived in the state for more than four decades fulfilling her Alaska dream. She has built a log cabin in the woods, commercial fished Bristol Bay and Norton Sound, and lived remotely in the northern Susitna Valley, the primary setting for many of her novels. Possessing a vivid imagination, her fiction specialty is sci-fi/fantasy.


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