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Vile Vortices

Episode 2: Vile Vortices

The world is full of mysteries. On this episode, I’d like to share about specific phenomena: Vile Vortices.

So, what is a vile vortex? You’ve heard the chilling stories about the Bermuda Triangle, right? Well, there are several other mysterious places where ships and planes seem to vanish.  These 12 places are collectively called the Vile Vortices, and like their more famous sibling, they all hold some rather creepy secrets. For the sake of time, I can only share a few.

To this day, scientists are not exactly sure how vile vortices work or even why they occur. What we do know is that there are areas in which strange, possibly even paranormal phenomena, disappearances, and disturbing tales seem to be commonplace. The Bermuda Triangle is most likely the most famous of the vortexes.


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Meet your host for Episode 2: Vile Vortices

Mary Ann Poll is the author of four Supernatural Thriller novels, Ravens Cove, Ingress, Gorgon, and Dullahan

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