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More Than Just Rain Falls from the Sky

Blood Rain

Episode 11: More Than Just Rain Falls From the Sky

When we see precipitation forming into storm clouds, we know that rain is on the way. But this clean, life-sustaining liquid is not the only thing that falls from the sky. Can it actually rain blood? That might sound like a biblical disaster straight out of the book of Exodus, but that’s just what happened in India. Also, what is a Star Jelly, and does it come from the sky?

Star Jelly






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Meet your host for Episode 11:

My name is Adam Freestone. Apart from being an author, I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I am confined to a wheelchair, and my condition requires me to use a ventilator and other medical equipment. Because of this, I am not a person most people are accustomed to seeing. My disability makes my day-to-day routine challenging, and it takes a lot of determination and patience to get anything done. Oddly enough, trying to show what I go through is what initially gave me the idea for the main character of my Sentinel Flame books, Hyroc. Hyroc is not disabled, but he is different than everyone else, and this causes him problems. I wanted to present how I live with my disability in an interesting way readers would find intriguing. Though Hyroc’s story occurs in a medieval fantasy world, what he has to deal with is very similar to what I experience in my everyday life. I tried to reflect through the character that though my situation seems dark and depressing, there is light in my life, and that’s what keeps me going.