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Alaska’s Ghost Ship, the CLARA NEVADA – and the $17 Million in Gold that Vanished

Episode 3: The Clara Nevada

No saga of the Alaska Gold Rush would be complete without a touch of the mysterious.  Every rush has its eerie events, and the Alaska Gold Rush was no exception. Perhaps the most perplexing incident of that era was the saga of the Clara Nevada. Here was a tale of greed, robbery, and murder, along with a ghostly re-visitation. But it was more than that.  It is also one of the largest successful robberies in American history combined with the third largest mass murders in American history as well, surpassed only by the  Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the 911 attack on the World Trade Center.



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Meet your host for Episode 3: The Clara Nevada

Steve Levi is a 70-something writer in Alaska. He specializes in the impossible crime and the Alaska Gold Rush.  An impossible crime is one in which the detective must figure out HOW the crime was committed before he can go after the perpetrators.  As an example, in THE MATTER OF THE VANISHING GREYHOUND, the detective must figure out how a Greyhound bus with four bank robbers, a dozen hostages and  $10 million can vanish off the Golden Gate Bridge. Steve’s books can be seen at www.authormasterminds.com/steve-levi and www.steverlevibooks.com. He also does two historical uploads a week.  Send Steve your email, and he will include you in the mailings.