The Most Mysterious Bombing in American History

Episode 36: The Most Mysterious Bombing in American History

Without a doubt, the single most misused word in America today is terrorism. It is the word used or hinted at when any act of violence occurs. And 911 is constantly called a terrorist attack.

This is an error.

911 was not a terrorist attack. We know what did it and why. A terrorist attack is one where no one knows who did it, why they did it, and no one claims credit for it. The act is done to strike terror in the hearts of citizens and, more importantly, to get the population to distrust the government. Why didn’t the police know this act of violence was coming? Why didn’t the government stop it from happening? And, critically, could it happen again in my neighborhood or where my children are going to school?

There have been very few large-scale terrorist attacks in US history. Four of the largest occurred between 1910 and 1920.


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Meet Steve Levi, the host for Episode 36: The Most Mysterious Bombing in American History

Steve Levi is a 70-something writer in Alaska. He specializes in the impossible crime and the Alaska Gold Rush.  An impossible crime is one in which the detective must figure out HOW the crime was committed before he can go after the perpetrators.  As an example, in THE MATTER OF THE VANISHING GREYHOUND, the detective must figure out how a Greyhound bus with four bank robbers, a dozen hostages, and  $10 million can vanish off the Golden Gate Bridge. Steve’s books can be seen at and He also does two historical uploads a week.  Send Steve your email, and he will include it in the mailings.